terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2015

United Kingdom: technical draw in the final stretch of the election campaign

The two days of parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom, it is impossible to guess the winner.

The Conservative Party of Prime Minister David Cameron and Ed Miliband labour rivals appear in situation of technical draw in the polls. Credited each with about 33 percent of the votes, what is certain is that the winner will be forced to seek a coalition.

At a rally in Bath, the head of the Government said that "in the final hours of the campaign [the British] can make all the difference. The country must move forward and not backward with Ed Miliband and the SNP ".

In the final stretch of the campaign, the leader of the Labour opposition won a weight support. The comedian Russell Brand â€" which had said before to near 10 million Twitter followers not to vote-said he was now in favour of Miliband.

In Brighton, the opposition leader argued that it must "elect a Labor Government and make the country work for the active population".

In third place in the polls, the eurofóbica formation and anti-immigration UKIP, Nigel Farage, credited with 13 percent of the vote.

The Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg are relegated to fourth place, with only 8 percent of voting intentions.

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