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Victory day: Veterans Russians tasted life without fear "because they have seen it all"

Dmitry Koznov â€" Was hurt so bad he spat blood, lay on the ground. A lady saved me, took me from the battlefield, you dragged me on the ground alone, and she was a size 2. It was called Zina Fedorova. in our unit, was a very popular nurse. It wasn't any of those that are only in attendance, was a nurse who has actually saved lives.

War song "the dark night" (Dark Is The Night/Temnaya Noch) https://t.co/J8XmBCqux5

Not a big fan of bear decorations but, in this case, makes an exception. Then take off your coat and hang it in the closet. For him, the main prize is the life experience: had they not been those terrible years, perhaps had never met the real friendship, the true fidelity, the real honesty and true lie. Neither joy.

Dmitry Koznov â€" the laughter were even stronger in the most difficult moments. Animavamo us, mutually, with laughter. It was a kind of vitamin. The toughest were the circumstances, more were fighting for life. In General, the psychological nature of man, is against any type of pain.

His greatest joy was the last day of the war against Germany. His regiment heard the capitulation of Germany nearly a day later. A soldier heard the news on the radio.

Dmitry Koznov-it was a real party, in the purest Russian style. We were happy: beijávamo us, drop the hats to the air ... exultávamos.

Memories of veterans, documentaries, songs and war posters in special project RT_com <a href="http://t.co/1lsHW3ggTr">http://t.co/1lsHW3ggTr</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/DiadaVit%C3%B3ria?src=hash">#DiadaVitória</a><p>â€" EmbaixadaRusPortugal (EmbaixadaRusPT) May 4, 2015

After the victory, he returned to his studies and Koznov was a stage actor. Today, his Moscow apartment is a kind of Museum, full of photographs of stars of the Soviet era: the opera singer Feodor Shaliapin, writer and Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn, famous actors and movie realizdaores. All frequented the House.

Dmitry Koznov-after the war, there were movies and plays really exceptional, because trouxémos the war the truth, the heart. We weren't afraid of anything, we had seen it all. We savored life.

The question about the reason for so much pride in Russian victory day, 70 years later, Dmitry Koznov responds without hesitation, but with emotion:

Dmitry Koznov-70 years is really too much for a nation? It's just the time of a human life. Not only the military fought in the war. Civilians were killed. How could we forget such terrible war and be indifferent?

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