quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2015

Brussels releases economic forecasts optimistic for the EU but not for Greece

The new projections of Brussels, disclosed this Tuesday, indicate a growth of 0.5% of the Greek economy, in 2015, face the 2.5% of winter forecasts, even against a backdrop of harmony between Athens and the eurozone partners over the next few weeks.

"The Commission is working step by step. We don't want to discuss the Greek debt before completing the reforms. I hope the next Eurogroup, to May 11, we're in a position to say that there are strong progress and that we are on the right track, "said the European Commissioner for economic and Monetary Affairs, Pierre Moscovici.

On the other hand, the Greek Finance Minister rules out a scenario of final agreement at the next meeting of the Eurogroup, on the reform plan. Yannis Varoufakis says that the meeting will serve only to confirm "great progress" made: "it is important that the good progress which took place if solidifying and giving rise to successive steps quickly to cover the gap to reach an agreement. That lead also to a situation in which Greece can wait, with new agreements with the institutions and our partners, overcome the difficulties with liquidity that Greece faces. "

The agreement on the reform plan is a requirement of the European Union to Athens to unlock the last tranche of the rescue program, from 7,200 million euros.

The foggy weather that hovers over the Greece contrasts with the "favorable winds," as highlighted Mr Pierre Moscovici, associated to the growth projections for the Euro zone and the European Union. In 2015, anticipates a slight high for 1.5% in the Euro zone and 1.8% in the EU.

The European Commissioner for economic and Monetary Affairs says that the European economy has benefited from the cumulative effects of low oil prices, the "quantitative easing" of the ECB and of the devaluation of the euro.

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