quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2015

Strike in Germany: unions and Deutsche Bahn are turned

The strike of trains in Germany is to continue, even if the Deutsche Bahn, the country's railway company, ensures that the services are already partly restored.

This is one of the longest strikes ever in the industry and making the exception measures. In several locations, the passengers are forced to sleep in stations.

"We got about one-third of long-distance trains to circulate. In some stations, we have to train people to sleep. Is what is happening in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg, with clients who could no longer get hotel vouchers, "says the spokesman for Deutsche Bahn, Achim Strauss.

Long-distance trains are the most affected by this outage. With regard to regional links, about two-thirds the work. Passengers are outraged with the duration of the strike.

The GDL Union, which called the strike, demanding wage negotiations for multiple categories, in addition to the machinists, and rejects the proposal from Deutsche Bahn to appoint an external mediator.

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