quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2015

Nepal: bad weather exacerbating the search

The effects of the earthquake, joined the bad weather, which cut communications with the area, where an avalanche may have killed hundreds of people. This is a region in the Himalayas very popular among hikers. Have already discovered about 100 bodies of people who participated in walks and were caught by the avalanche.

The Government is helping people with about 60 euros per family, but residents complain that the aid is low: "it is very little. What you can do with this money? There are families with 15 or 20 people. For a family of two people, no problem, the money could last two months, but for those of 10 or 15 people, not hard any time, "says an inhabitant of the region.

However, money is what seems missing in the rubble of a bank destroyed by the earthquake.

Were found here about 25 million Nepalese rupees, equivalent to 220 thousand euros. The police took the money to a safe location, to prevent the looting.

1.7 million children are in urgent need of aid in areas worst-hit by #NepalEarthquake http://t.co/ET1rJtLYYC pic.twitter.com/zBGVgvZTyO

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