quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2015

United Kingdom: immigration is one of the key themes of the electoral campaign

The United Kingdom received, in 2014, 298,000 immigrants. Both Conservatives, like labour, they intend to seal the access of European workers to social benefits in British territory, in the first few years of arrival to the country, to try to limit the flow of immigrants.

"We need to bring in the right people. We don't want to appear in the country bums, who receive aid without any reason. "

"It's a problem for locals, especially in terms of work. Many people are losing their jobs because of Europeans who come to work for lower salaries. "

"I'm not racist and I believe in immigration. We have welcomed everyone with open arms and we help other people in their own countries, to face their problems, such as earthquakes or whatever. This is the United Kingdom. "

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