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Radar ... the stories that made headlines

Exploitation or integration, the controversy is kindled in Pesaro, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. The local Government decided to let illegal immigrants do voluntary work. Migrants awaiting response to the application for asylum can receive training and help treat the gardens and public spaces of the city or support staff in administrative tasks.

Markhot Ferenc hospital in Eger in Hungary, was built over 32 years. No wonder she's in need of works. The European Union is funding the renovation of equipment and isolation of the building, but the budget is not enough for all the necessary works.

The direction of the hospital decided to launch the campaign "Adopt a hospital room" to raise the money he needs to renovate the rooms and buy new furniture.

The room number 14 has already been adopted by a construction company and civil society have expressed their intention to support the initiative.

In the video below, we can see the renovation that was done in the section of Paediatrics from another hospital who launched a similar campaign last year.

When sounded the final whistle of the game between the Tractor Sazi and Naft, fans of the team guided by the Portuguese Toni stormed the field to celebrate the first Iran's Championship title in its history. But the celebration was short-lived. Minutes later, joy gave way to tears when he finished the game rival Sepahan FC, which eventually push Toni's team to second place in the table.

The misfortune of the Tractor of Toni arrived at L ' Équipe. Incredible story that ended badly for Toni. https://t.co/M0rVGFpK9q

The Chief Adviser of Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was prepared to defend the President of Turkey with "two guns and hundreds of bullets". Yigit Bulut had already called attention in 2013 when he said that there was an international conspiracy to kill Erdogan at a distance using methods such as telekinesis

This time, the presenter and commentator also stated in a public television program, on May 19, that "nobody touches the President of the country while I'm not dead"

I have hundreds of bullets, rachamim: two, no one can touch to Erdogan before I die! [Video] http://t.co/EfFWUJn8ev pic.twitter.com/nKSoEeza5M

In Greece, the image of two road signs separated by a few meters became viral on the net. The reason is that in translation from Greek into English, the distances to the cities of Kavala and Xanthi were exchanged.

"Italy: Migrants already working as volunteers": http://www.linkiesta.it/richiedenti-asilo-lavoro

Hungary: adopt a hospital room

Iran: Toni until celebrated but did not win the Championship

Turkey: ready to die by Erdogan

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