terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2015

Spain: the "half a victory" of "outraged" in Madrid and Barcelona

The "outraged" Spaniards celebrate a "half-victory", after they managed to confuse the Spanish political scene in regional and municipal elections this Sunday, striking a heavy blow to the conservative Popular Party (PP).

The list of citizens supported by the party Can in Madrid managed to bring down a quarter of a century most of the PP in the Spanish capital and can govern the city, to be the second most voted in the ballot.

For the candidate on the list Now Madrid, Manuela Carmena, "it's clear the victory of a majority that wants a change."

A "half-victory" for the ex-juíza that, just a difference of the PP candidate, need now to try to form a coalition of the left, possibly with the Socialists of the PSOE, in order to obtain a majority in the city.

A result relativized by conservative party currently in Government, who loses, nationwide about 10% of votes, as well as historic majorities in cities such as Madrid, but also in Valencia, in the wake of several corruption scandals.

But the big surprise of the night, and also a "half-victory", was the defeat of the Catalan nationalist CIU party confront a list of citizens, supported by the Can, in Barcelona.

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