quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2015

The European Commission presented a strategy for the migration

The European Commission presented this Wednesday its strategy for migration, which includes a quota system for the redistribution of refugees by the Member States.

The strategy also includes measures to strengthen the European Agency for the management of the external borders (Frontex), the fight against immigrant smuggling networks and the opening of channels for skilled immigration.

"Long-term structural objectives to solve the root of the problem, will not stop tomorrow the immense flow of people. Immediately it is necessary to save lives and take care of who saved, sharing responsibilities in your protection and in combating traffickers and their organizations, "said Federica Mogherini, responsible for the foreign policy of the European Union.

The mechanism of distribution of migrants will take into account factors such as the gross domestic Product of the host country, the unemployment rate, the population and the number of requests for asylum in respect of which the country has already accepted.

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