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Baku European Games 2015: let the games begin

The young Boxer believes that intensive training with your coach make him take another step toward the goal of becoming a champion in the first edition of these games:

"At this level is extremely important, be prepared mentally. The experience also has a great importance. Won the World Boxing Championships, so I have these essential qualities. I'm ready to win in the next European Games. "

Portugal participates with 101 athletes from 14 different modes. Including Canoeing, biking, beach football, gymnastics, Judo, Karate, swimming, table tennis and triathlon.

Among the participants in the competition, coming from various countries, for high level sportsmen:

"The provisional figures point to a hundred Olympic champions in 20 sports. Of the 20, 12 are Olympic qualifications. This means that the best athletes in Europe will have to come to Baku to ensure their places in Rio de Janeiro. So, we have no doubt that we're going to attract the best athletes in Europe, "explains Pierce O'Callaghan, Sports Director of the event.

The first games of its kind in Europe, make the heart beat faster, not only the athletes but the organizers of the event too. The responsibility is great but the time for the preparation of the event was short, yet, everything has to go right.

The tension, nervousness, in the final stretch, there is, even if it doesn't seem obvious.

"I'm reasonably relaxed. Although this doesn't mean that we don't have problems, of course we have some problems. We're staging a large international operation here, "said Simon Clegg, responsible for operating Baku 2015.

Despite the responsibility of all those involved in organizing the event are excited. An example of this is the artistic director of the opening ceremony, a Greek who also created the show of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens:

"What we are creating is impressive. We are transforming the landscape of the Park. I do not need to worry with the spectacle. I'm more worried about the question of poetic spectacle. The challenge is to create human stories with ingredients characteristic of the local culture. That's my goal, "said Dimitris Papaioannou.

More than 80% of the tickets for the opening ceremony are sold, despite being the most expensive of the European Games, more than 170 euros:

"We have a total of 600000 tickets available for the entire event. The cheapest costs one manat, less than one euro, is to walk from canoeing, and even in the gymnastics competitions, for example, for children. The most expensive pass to the finals of this sporting event costs 5 manat, little more than four euros, "explains Mirjam Bogataj responsible for the box office.

"From the point of view of organization I have no doubt that we are ready. We did more than 20 sports tests, we tested all the sites, all the playing fields. We received six major international events. So, I have no doubt that we are ready. The seizure is great but to emotion, too. We're just waiting for the opening ceremony ", said O'Callaghan.

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