sábado, 6 de junho de 2015

Turkey: civil Society mobilized to control votes

In a park in the District of Besiktas in Istanbul, about 200 people hear the instructions of a young lawyer who explains how citizens can act in favour of transparency during an election process.

Sunday Turkey organizes a legislative ballot crucial to the future of the country.

The Association "Vote and Beyond" advocates greater involvement of civil society in the political process and not just on the day of the vote.

"We don't want to in any way dominate and influence the election process. We will do our job in two categories. First will be a visible duty, watching the polls and the second will be an invisible duty: follow the process of counting the votes. Our Association will monitor 174 thousand ballot boxes, by its own means and to compare these results with the official results. So on election day, the entire process will be under control. "

The organizers say the campaign is a response to an erosion of the rule of law.

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