sexta-feira, 19 de junho de 2015

Bombardments supported by Iranians and Saudis destroy Unesco heritage city in Yemen

The bombing in the Yemeni capital are being made by a coalition led by wahabita Kingdom, cannot stop the huthis rebels, Shiite militias originating in the North of the country, supported by Iran.

The fighting in Yemen caused 2,600 deaths, since the end of March, according to UN data.

The air strikes not fought the progression of rebels who Sanaa, control a large part of Aden, second city of the country, and large areas of other provinces.

The humanitarian situation is catastrophic in this Arabian Peninsula country.

On the ground, not just the Shia militia suffer the bombing Saudi coalition as they have to face the resistance of the Sunni tribes, backed by jihadists of self-styled Islamic State.

Islamic State assumes attacks with car bombs in Yemen

In March, the rebels managed to provoke the fall of President Mansour Hadi. Since then, the country plunged into chaos.

The situation is not unprecedented. For a long time that Yemen is a country unstable, complex field struggles. In 2011, a revolt against the dictator Ali Abdallah Saleh.

The departure of Saleh was drafted and negotiated by the Gulf monarchies and signed in Riyadh. The Arabian Peninsula country has always suffered the interference of the large neighboring countries.

In a Sunni-dominated Arab world, about 80% of Muslims in the region constitute a challenge for Iran, Shiite superpower. For Saudi Arabia, keep the Yemen in its sphere of influence is strategically vital.

Yemen is just one piece in the region's geopolitical chess. For now, peace talks are a failure in anything; nothing seems to impose order in the country.

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