quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

Elizabeth II visit Berlin and the nazi concentration camp where Anne Frank died

Today 70 years ago Jewish diarist Anne Frank, aged 15, died in the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. #RIP pic.twitter.com/PbnfoNEUI4

The Queen of England arrived in Berlin aboard a luxurious private jet Embraer 650, escorted by two Eurofighter Typhoon jets since she came into German airspace.

#Luftwaffe Eurofighters will escort the #Queen‘s plane into #Berlin Tegel airport before landing at 7pm this evening pic.twitter.com/BQiFPvpchr

Behind the scenes of #QueeninGermany â€" Watch the last preparations for+the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II in #Berlin:https://t.co/FrprGRJ2Iq

The Queen has previously undertaken State Visits to Germany in 1965, 1978, 1992 and 2004 #QueeninGermany pic.twitter.com/tFS4AH23wB

The #QueeninGermany in 1965 pic.twitter.com/X3eEMKCQMu

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