quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

Illegal immigrants continue to arrive by the thousands to Italy

The 292 illegal immigrants who are already in Pozzalo added to a contingent of more than 3700 stowaways bailed out between Monday and Tuesday on channel of Sicily for several vessels involved in Triton, the European surveillance and relief mission in the Mediterranean.

An Eritrean woman with her 1yr old in the reception centre in #Pozzallo, where #MSF provides medical care. #MSFsea pic.twitter.com/KgO8bTwuIw

Once ashore, the illegal immigrants are being distributed by several shelters in Italy waiting for a decision from Brussels, which can arise at the end of this week, on the possible sharing of these clandestine assistance by the various Member States of the European Union.

Gunfire on dinghy, corpse landed in Pozzallo. The prosecutor hears witnesses http://t.co/iXXjAVz6Nj pic.twitter.com/m8ReOdKx2x

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