quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

Turkey: Parliament reopens with more women and a difficult Coalition on the horizon

President, Erdogan in Parliament 25. Attends https://t.co/N020TjYDs1 Swear pic.twitter.com/l0PqXvcnqk Owns the period

The negociaçãopara form the new Government seems, however, difficult. Without an absolute majority for the first time since coming to power in 2002, the AKP, with only 47 percent of Deputies (a total of 258 550), is forced to forge new coalition.

Prime Minister Davutoglu: Who does the caravan on its way, the wall is breached, we keep an opened and we g.

Davutoglu showed openness to any kind of coalition, but if we don't get the second most voted party leader Kemal Kiliçdaroglu (CHP), try your luck to form a Government. If you spend 45 days if you can form a new Executive, according to the Constitution, Tayyip Erdogan should call new elections, which the President has already assumed you don't want.

Our priority is Turkey. pic.twitter.com/mAnHZdz51Z

For the first time in 55 years, Turkish lawmakers include representatives of the Armenian minority in the country (3), a member of Parliament and a member of the Gypsy minority "yazidí". Among the desk was also membris Dilek Öcalan, niece of Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of Kurdish guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers ' Party, currently serving a life sentence in Turkey.

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