terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2015

Escape from the high-security American prison

The leak, which happened on the night of Friday to Saturday, was ranked by the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, as "elaborate" and "sophisticated".

Richard Matt, 48 years, was serving a minimum sentence of 25 years for kidnapping and beating to death a man in 1997.

David Sweat, 34, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a police officer, in 2002.

The two men were being held in adjoining cells. After access to plumbing, achieved an output to 30 km from the border with Canada. Before escaping, they left a note to the police, with the phrase "Have a nice day".

The authorities warned the population that the fugitives are considered "very dangerous", asking that all suspicious activity is reported to the police, but that no one try to stop them.

“This is a crisis situation for the state & these are dangerous men. Please do your duty as a NY'er & pass on any information you may have.”

The information leading to the arrest of Matt and Sweat will be rewarded with a bounty of 100 thousand dollars.

Today we announced $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of escaped inmates: http://t.co/wBLO7mU9aq pic.twitter.com/iPQSR2MVyV

More than two hundred police officers are searching for the two criminals. Control barriers were installed in the county roads and helicopters are being used in the search.

Dannemora currently has some 5,000 inhabitants. The city was founded in 1838. The correctional penitentiary was built seven years later to house prisoners who were used as labor in the exploitation of local iron mines.

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