terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2015

Turkey: early Legislative on the horizon

The result of the Sunday legislative in Turkey can be a early suffrage. The President Erdogan, which was the biggest loser of the Election Act, issued a statement Monday in which it calls on the political forces to be responsible and keep the stability of the country, since no party is in a position to govern alone.

The President will meet Tuesday with his successor at the head of the justice and Development Party (AKP), Ahmet Davutoglu, and ask him to form a Government. The outgoing Prime Minister's task will not be easy. The remaining parties have closed the door to any participation in the AKP Executive. At least for now. If after 45 days there is a new Government, the Turks will return to the polls.

Another possibility, although very difficult to achieve, is a coalition of the three other parties, despite the differences that separate them. This unlikely Government may undo the AKP measures joint programme, such as the imposition of the 10 percent barrier to enter Parliament a party, and then scoring early legislative.

But while Turkey's future remains uncertain, the big winners of the Electoral Act do the party. The Kurds have finally a parliamentary representation, but the heads of the HDP, left, a party which goes beyond ethnic barriers.

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