terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2015

Greece: Varoufakis asks a quick settlement and balanced, Obama asks for flexibility

The Greek Minister of finance had an eventful day in Berlin, this Monday. First met with German counterpart, Wolfgang Schauble. A Yanis Varoufakis meeting qualified productive since they share the same vision of the problem. But then, at a conference organized by a foundation close to the German Confederation of trade unions has returned to press a charge in the air:

"It's been five years since Europe and three different Greek Governments have been eluding the Greek people and the German people. We have been pretending, speaking now as rulers, we solved the crisis to prolong it for the future. We have been pretending that the bankruptcy of Greece can be resolved with increases in loans and implementing more austerity to just reduce the country's capacity to pay the debt. "

Varoufakis stated also that European leaders, including the Prime Minister of Greece, they risk a historic failure if no agreement is reached quickly. Regarding the last proposal by the creditors, the Finance Minister told the German newspaper Tagesspiegel: "only presents a proposal like this who don't want to reach an agreement".

The Greece earned an appointment to Barack Obama at the end of the G7. The American President said that the Greeks needed to make tough political choices but asked for flexibility to all stakeholders.

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