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Euro 2016 qualification: Saints calls Carriço and Bernardo Silva to Armenia

"Taking the game with Portugal, Armenia has always been to win their games until near the end. It will be almost a final for them. Is a strong opponent, motivated and with quality. I'm sure my players will be highly concentrated. I hope there will be no relaxation. The players know the importance of this game, "said Fernando Santos.

Daniel Carriço and Beto, preconvocados with Portugal to two commitments in June http://t.co/2PvXK9mAXi pic.twitter.com/JLT2E0zcTf

The national selector, who spoke at a press conference after unveiling the 25 players named to the confrontation with Armenia, 13 June, and especially with Italy, three days later, warned that Portugal has not yet secured the European qualifiers next year, despite leading the group.

"When I arrived, it was said that Portugal wasn't going to European, who couldn't qualify. Now, it is said that Portugal is already discharged. We are a people of eight or 80. There is no middle ground. It's part of our culture. The truth is we're not acute, but of course we want to achieve and the sooner the better, "he said.

The list of the 25 summoned, highlighting the central call Daniel Carriço, that appears in the list in place of the injured Pepe, one of the main casualties of Portugal for the next two meetings, as well as Bosingwa, also due to physical problems.

"Made an excellent season for Sevilla, which won the Europa League. Is a natural choice, "explained Fernando Santos, who also did return the goalkeeper Beto, winger Varela and Adrien, and kept Danilo, André André, Pizzi and the best player of AS Monaco in the last month, Bernardo Silva.

Without debate, BernardoCSilva is your <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/TopPlayer?src=hash">#TopPlayer</a> in the month of may! = <a href="http://t.co/IiZaqrMdwi">http://t.co/IiZaqrMdwi</a> <a href="http://t.co/Z9T3k78rTd">pic.twitter.com/Z9T3k78rTd</a><p>-AS MONACO (AS_Monaco) 1 June 2015

In final in season, the Portuguese picker admitted that, in the first week of preparation, will be necessary to perform a management effort of the players, so as to be at "full strength" in the stage of Portugal will hold in Georgia.

"There are players who stopped to compete for some time, still others yesterday made 120 minutes. Are several scenarios and in the early days we're going to have to take account of this situation, "explained the coach.

The selection is back together again! Daniel Carriço: "when it represents the selection there is never tired!" Danilo: "no one thinks ...

Fernando Santos devalued still complaints that the selection Armenia conducted when faced Portugal at the end of last year (victory 1-0 by lusa), in particular the lack of a field to train and the delay of the team on arrival of the Algarve Stadium.

"The Armenian Federation realized that the Portuguese Federation had nothing to do with these incidents. We did everything in our power to run well. I've been in Armenia and was very well received, so I don't expect any problem, "he said.

The national selection focuses on Tuesday to 9:30, in the National Stadium in Oeiras, and an hour later has a workout scheduled, with the first 15 minutes to be open to the media.

Portugal continues to work in the Jamor until Sunday, the day travels to Tbilisi, in Georgia, where he will prepare the meeting with Armenia.

After four rounds, Portugal leads the group with nine points, against seven of Denmark and Albania and one from Serbia and Armenia.

Twenty-five players in the list of Fernando Santos.

The 25 summoned for the games with Armenia and Italy

The Portuguese under-21 picker, Rui Jorge, called other 25 players for the final tournament of the category, which will take place in the Czech Republic, from 17 to 30 June.

In relation to private meetings with Denmark and Republic, in March, the news is six: the goalkeeper Bruno Varela, Defender Raphael Guerreiro, midfielders Bruno Fernandes, William Carvalho and João Mário and striker Yury Mann.

Under-21: the European operation started this Monday in Rio Maior. The team of Quinas prepares your ... http://t.co/TLSrWlXfZS

The list of 23 called for these two dates, Rui Jorge deleted now Rafa and the Middle Defender Ronny Lee, who are to represent Portugal in the under-20 World Cup, as well as goalkeeper Rui Silva and the advanced mist. Outside are too under-20 internationals, found on New Zelândias to play in the World Cup of the category â€" in the first game they defeated the Sengal, by 3-0.

Until June 07, Rui Jorge has to take two players and choose the final 23 for the finals, and, among the 25 elected, are two players (William Carvalho and Bernardo Silva) also called the selection ' AA ', which travels to Armenia, June 13.

The Portugal national under-21 qualification, which made a 100 percent victorious, is integrated in the Group B final phase, together with their counterparts of England (18 June), Italy (21) and Sweden (24).

Under-21: the European operation started this Monday in Rio Maior. The team of Quinas prepares its participation at the UEFA European under-21 which will take place between 17 and 30 June in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, the under-21 play by a European Scepter lusos who never conquered and also by qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, which will be for the semi-finalists and a fifth selection, in case England stay in the top four.

The 25 summoned to the pre-European stage

Draftees for the preparation of the European under-21

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