terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2015

HEY resumes attacks with "pump trucks" on the eve of the Coalition meeting in Paris

The action, assigned but not claimed by the Group Islamic State, aimed at a base of the forces of law and order on the outskirts of Samarra, after an armored vehicle loaded with explosives have triggered the entry of the installation.

A method of attack, with trucks packed, which allowed the jihadist group take control of the city of Ramadi, last May. The bombing comes at a time when the Iraqi army and Shiite militias are preparing a counteroffensive to retake Ramadi.

An operation whose strategy should be discussed Tuesday during a meeting of the international military coalition with the presence of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al Abadi, in the French capital.

An opportunity for the Coalition, led by the United States, to rethink the strategy of air strikes, which after 4 thousand raids in 10 months failed to stave off the advance of the jihadists.

The Coalition announced have performed, this Monday, four more bombings in the province of Al-Anbar.

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