quinta-feira, 11 de junho de 2015

Fire near Kiev's limited

The fire that continues to plough in a fuel tank of Kiev is now circumscribed. The provisional balance is at least five deaths, including three firemen, victims of an explosion while fighting the flames. More than 10 people hospitalized, of which at least three with burns in the order of 90%. This is considered the biggest fire of the last 50 years in Ukraine.

The authorities favour the negligence: "there are two possible clues, the arson and carelessness. We leaned in, 90%, for the second, "says the Ukrainian Minister of Interior, Arsen Avakov.

The pollution resulting from the accident threatens now the capital. Even worse is the situation of the inhabitants of the zone, which was partly evacuated: "we're not afraid, but there are people who have and who are leaving," says one resident. Account other inhabitant: "came from buses to pick up people. They waited for people to fix the belongings and passports and are gone. They were mainly women and children ".

The fire is being fought by 72 units of firefighters, with the help of three trains loaded with water and stuff. The population is mobilizing, with sending help, especially water and milk, for the fire department.

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