quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2015

France opens shelters but maintains closed borders

400 migrants arrived at Augusta, off the coast of Sicily, collected by a ship. This at a time when the crisis of illegal immigration is reaching frightening levels and increases the pressure on the European countries open their borders.

This is to be a record year in terms of the arrival of migrants from Africa to the European coasts: "so far this year, more than 110 thousand people arrived to Europe. In Italy there has been a large increase in numbers, in Greece there was a big spike in arrivals by sea, which has increased six times over the past year, "says Iosto Iba, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The France announced the opening of new host sites for migrants, with a total capacity of 10,500 places, until the beginning of next year. The Paris Government insists French goodwill: "we can't leave Greece and Italy alone. Would not be sympathetic. Faced with this burden, the European Union must ensure and finance these posts. Out of solidarity with Italy and Greece, we are by our own services available, "says Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve.

Despite this apparent good will, the crisis in franco-Italian border increases. The most serious situation we live in Ventimiglia, near Nice, where hundreds of migrants are held back for several days. Two bodies were found, the French side, next to a railway line, this Wednesday.

The France insists on keeping the border closed. The Pope made an appeal to host countries, migrants in an indirect message to France and other countries.

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