quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2015

Hungary: UNHCR criticizes xenophobic posters the Government of Viktor Orbán

The United Nations agency for refugees criticized the manifestations of xenophobia, adopted by the Government of Hungary.

The country was invaded by posters where Viktor Orbán Executive urges immigrants to respect the laws and not to "steal" jobs to the Hungarians.

To the UNHCR the extent surprising because xenophobia is often instigated by small radical groups and not by the Government of the country.

"What is unusual, in Hungary, it is that in many countries when there is xenophobia, is stimulated by small parties, is stimulated by extreme right-wing parties and some marginal groups. What is unusual in Hungary is to see the Government trying to stimulate xenophobia. But what is really exciting is to see the public reaction against it and want to support the refugees ", welcomes the spokesman of the Regional Representation for Central Europe of UNHCR, Kitty McKinsey.

The Hungarian Government defends itself and replicates that the measure is included in a context where Hungary saw the entry of thousands of illegal immigrants and a significant increase in applications for asylum, as the Executive, spokesman Zoltan Kovacs: "Entered illegally, in Hungary, more than 50000 people i.e. crossed the European borders. We believe the UN approach to migration and it is possible to present some success stories. With these numbers, therefore, is a completely different story. "

The opposition expressed against this Government, creating a campaign against campaign.

About of 500 posters parodying with the posters of the Government will be distributed by all the country, from July 1: http://www.unhcr-centraleurope.org/en/news/2015/unhcr-billboards-encourage-hungarians-to-get-to-know-real-refugees.html.

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