terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

"Freedom Flotilla" intercetada by Israelis

The so-called "freedom Flotilla" that was approaching the Gaza Strip to bring humanitarian aid and challenge the Israeli blockade was intercetada by the Israel Navy in international waters.

The set of four boats was intercetado without any violence. The boat "Marianne", carrying, among others, former President of Tunisia Moncef Marzouki, was escorted to the Israeli port of Ashdot, while the rest follow back to Greece.

Basel Ghattas, Member of Arabic in the Israeli Parliament, is also on board the Marianne.

Passengers will be questioned and then taken to the Ben Gourion airport to leave Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the earlier flotilla, which intercept in 2010 caused several deaths, was carrying weapons to the Hamas and doesn't want a repeat episode.

STATEMENT: Israel once again commits an act of state piracy in the Mediterranean https://t.co/MbO1OlCbCl #SOSFreedomFlotilla

Israeli occupied forces intercepted Marianne that is en route to Ashdod port. List of names #SOSFreedomFlotilla pic.twitter.com/Bm6aD6ZxXH

Israeli defense minister Ya'alon: 'Flotilla does not have humanitarian intentions'http://t.co/WD8I0VO7WP pic.twitter.com/xDdgpzrC5H

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