terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

Greece: the uncertainty of the future

In Athens, the Greek National Bank located in Syntagma Square, opened its doors on the first day of rationing of money in Greece, but only to the ATM.

Withdrawals are limited to 60 euros per day, a measure that aims to prevent the flight of capital at a time of great strain on the country's future.

"They can't take my money. Today I had to lift my retirement. How am I going to do the shopping. Things aren't free. How do I buy what I need? "asked a retired.

"I think people are too afraid. This situation will only last a few days, but then everything will be fine. There is no reason for the lines at gas stations and supermarkets. We were at the grocery store and people are buying as if there was war, "said another woman.

The Government's decision to close the banks caused panic reactions in the immediate or widespread protests, but the fears are evident.

According to Reuters, a source linked to the Government said that Greece will not pay the IMF the "tranche" of 1.6 billion euros, you win this Tuesday.

"Many things depend on the ability of companies to pay the wages of workers. We hope that there is agreement because things are pretty bad, "said an inhabitant of Athens.

"The truth is that lenders want to strangle us. And press. The question is how long we can hold out, "said a retired.

The Greek Government has already made known the text that will appear on the ballot papers for the referendum, in which the "no" option appears first.

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