segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2015

ICC calls for arrest of the President of Sudan to South Africa

Omar Al-Bashir arrived Sunday to Johannesburg. He appeared relaxed and apparently in a good mood for the two-day summit of the African Union, held in South Africa and which has already been posted a photo of family. The Sudanese leader, of 71 years, was in the front row, alongside South African counterparts, Jacob Zuma, and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who heads the Association of 54 African Nations.

ICC reminds South Africa that as a state party it has a legal obligation to arrest Bashir.

I'm at Pretoria high court. SALC is trying to compel SA to arrest Omar al #Bashir. Judge Hans Fabricius presiding.

ICC_PASP calls SPs to execute warrants of arrest against Al-Bashir <a href=""></a><p>â€" Int'l Criminal Court (IntlCrimCourt) 14 junho 2015

Find out more about acts constituting war crimes under the #ICC Rome Statute

The ICC aims to judging individuals and not States, accused in terms of international crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. 123 countries are part of the ICC.

Not only does #SA have international legal obligation, it also is obliged under its own domestic law to #ArrestBashir. â€" EliseKeppler<p>â€" Human Rights Watch (hrw) 14 junho 2015

IntlCrimCourt International Criminal Court hopes that Sudan hand over to <a href="">#Bashir</a> for crimes against humanity. <a href=""></a><p>-Criminal Forum (PorHumanidad) 14 June 2015

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