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Syria: battle for Tell Abyad about to start at the gates of Turkey

YPG militias, also known as Popular protection units, gained fame by the armed opposition to President Bashar al-Assad, in the Kurdish region of Syria. A spokesman for these guerilheiros, Redur Xelil, explained to Reuters that the militia is fighting against the ISIL side by side with other small rebel groups of Arabs Syrians.

The same source revealed that the fighting with the "jihadists" in the vicinity of Tell Abyad had begun, but a little further South, about 20 kilometres away, in the town of Suluk, where secured have besieged militants of ISIL. 16 "jihadists" and at least 3 civilians have died in the fighting of Suluk.

Kurds pushing deeper into an ISIS stronghold on Syria/Turkey border #TwitterKurds #YPG #FSA

Control of Tell Abyad by ISIL is demarcated by the traditional black flag flown within the city. Rami Abdel Rahman estimated AFP that only 150 elements of jihadist group would control Tell Abyad. The charge alleges that they are waiting for reinforcements, but ensures that the leadership "jihadist" in Raqqa has reportedly rejected sending men to defend Tell Abyad.

IS pulls back from the town of Salouk and YPG backed by rebels advance in it

Most of its more than 14 thousand inhabitants try to escape the imminent war. Each Suluk, towards the city of Raqqa, Syria other North to the Turkish territory. These, however, they found the border closed. Before the impending battle, Ankara backed down and decided to reopen the border.

More than 13 thousand people have managed to escape from Syria to Turkey. Other 1500 despair by also cross the border. Some in Tell Abyad.

Turkish authorities closed the Akçakale vehicles entry and for months they were preventing passage to people from Turkey Tell Abyad. Ankara only allowed passage to Syria, but only to those who have a valid passport.

#Kurds battle #ISIL on Syria border as #Turkey blocks refugees

Turkey opened the gate again and the Syrian were waiting at the border started to enter Turkey again

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