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Sports United: all-woman Sailing WINS leg of the Volvo Ocean Race

European Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Almost everything is allowed but the practitioners ensure that violence is not free and all is fair. On days 6 and 7 this month, more than 300 practicing Ju Jitsu, from 21 countries gathered in Almere, in the Netherlands at the European Championship. The competition is divided into three categories: fighting System; Duo system and system of Ne-waza.

At first, the weight of 85 kg, in the male, the Dane Mikkel Willard won another gold medal after beating Ukrainian Ivan Nastenko.

In women, in the same category fighting system, Martyna Bieronska, Poland, managed to defeat the world champion title, Jessica Scricciolo Italian.

In the category of Ne-Waza, also in the women's sector, the Frenchwoman Laurence Fouillar won the gold medal, after winning the Russian Oksana Moskalenko on end of proof.

Volvo Ocean Race painted pink

Women have shown that not only the muscles that count on Volvo Ocean Race this week, usually dominated by men. ' The SCA team was the first to arrive at Lorient in France.

The sailboat Swedish became the first vessel with exclusively female crew to win a leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. After Party on Sunday in Lisbon, the SCA arrived in Lorient in France, this Thursday at 03:11.

The velejadoras traveled 647 nautical miles in three days, thirteen hours and eleven minutes ahead of Abu Dhabi, standings leader and the most likely winner of the 12th edition of the VOR, which ends the 22 June in Gothenburg.

* "Spider men and women"

About 2 thousand of spectators were in Vail, United States, us to see real "spider men and women" in the climbing World Cup. Because of the difficulty of the sport, the way the scale is called a "problem". Let's see who found the best solution.

A very strong arms. A lot of agility. Eager to get to the top. These are the necessary ingredients to be a champion.

In the climbing World Cup, held last weekend in Vail, Colorado, in the United States, Jan Hojer of Germany won the gold medal.

In the women's sector, was a House that shone. Megan Mascarenas was the fastest to solve 3 of 4 "problems" of the competition and was in the first place on the podium.

Spotlight com Jody Cundy

With his leg amputated, Jody Condy's career started in the pool. In 2004 was three times world champion and three-time Paralympic champion. But, acreditesse or not, the swimming was not his strongest point. Cundy explains that "the move was interesting. In 2006 I was training for the World Swimming Championships, but realized that my cycling was to improve ". The Briton recalls that "when passed the cycling team realized it had more natural talent on a bike than in the pool. Three months later I won the world title in the time trial, title that I haven't lost. ''

After disqualification in the London Games, which ended with a bitter exchange of words with the Organization, the 10 times world champion wants Olympic redemption. '' If the River, will be my sixth Paralympic Games. Everything is going well, the motivation is high. And the disappointment of not being able to defend my title in London serves as motivation to go to the river and bring the gold medal. If you need to termirar out there, that is the best way. But I love the sport, I love the sport anyway and I love riding my bike. As long as I have this love, while get pedaling fast and get better, I'm going to continue in competition '' ensures Jody Cundy.

"Inside Sport" Vincenzo Nibali com

A champion of two wheels goes next. In this last "Inside Sport" we back to France winner Vincenzo Nibali who gave us a unique view of how is the daily life of a professional cyclist.

Vincenzo Nibali begins by explaining how they work the brakes and shift selector: This is the back brake and this is the smallest changes. We can change one at a time or more than one at the same time. The bike weighs about 6 pounds and 900 grams. The minimum established by the UCI is 6 pounds and 800 grams. The wheels are made of carbon fiber with high speed bearings. There is a speed sensor, with a small computer, which at this point is not on the bike and is connected to the power sensor. Is a tool we use to verify that power is used for the step.

During the stage, the mechanics can fine-tune the changes through this selector. In case of drilling, what happens with some regularity, mechanics use this grip quickly to change the wheel. When it's placed, mechanics and fine-tune everything. Finally. the most important rule, especially for the younger ones: always wear a helmet, be it in training or just to stroll. Can save your life. "

* "Emotion" in beach volleyball

Finish the program with images of the Beach Volleyball competition held in Porec, in Croatia.

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