sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2015

U.s. Permanent Representative to the UN visit Kiev

"No one wants to harm the Russian economy. But the diplomatic and economic isolation are the consequences that Russia must face due to his aggression and if there are new attacks. "

In the audience was the leader of the national movement of Crimean Tatars, refugees in Kiev about a year, who questions the role, effective, Washington's Ukrainian question:

"The territorial integrity of Ukraine has been broken for over a year. The Russia continues to violate international law, every day. And I ask, honestly: "what is the role of the United States as guarantor of the Memorandum to Budapest?" A question for which there is no reply Refat Chubarov considers.

Yet the United States want to see implemented the last agreement of Minsk, Samatha Power pointed out, and the United Nations are working on it:

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