quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2015

Europe swept by heatwave

A hot air mass from the North Africa is causing a heat wave in Europe that began sweeping Spain and Portugal, but that second weather forecasts will extend to France, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Northern Italy.

The Nordic countries also will not be spared. In Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland are expected temperatures between 25-30° c.

In Milan and in Rome temperatures during the night from Monday to Tuesday were already quite high, standing at 20° c.

In Cordoba and Seville there were temperatures of 47° and 43°, respectively.

"It is very bad. You don't sleep. Here in Seville, with this heat and no air conditioning, you can't sleep. It's impossible, "said a woman.

In the Paris region is expected an episode of ozone pollution was recommended to drivers to change the timetables of circulation and reduce the speed.

"It takes a bit of preparation. Be well hydrated, leave a little later in the evening, or keep all activities for early morning and avoid the hot midday hours, "said a Parisian.

In all countries affected by heat are being released alerts and advice for people to take cover from high temperatures, especially children and the elderly, the most fragile.

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