quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2015

Frustration at the "freedom Flotilla" for capturing Marianne

In the Mediterranean, returning to Greek ports, our reporter went to meet activists frustrated by the failure of the mission.

"We are dececionados, because our boats could never get close to Gaza. It was just to keep up with Marianne to his sad end ", says Claudio Tamagnini.

To a German journalist that integrates the flotilla, is bitter: "we are escort boats and failed even to escort the Mariane, because we couldn't get near him before being captured.

For others, such as Elmokrie Elidrissi Abouzaid, Member of the Moroccan Parliament, the effort was not in vain: "the real failure is when there are no more attempts to break the blockade of Gaza. The attempt of the break is in itself a triumph ".

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