quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015

Greece adrift with rebellion on board

Are already in Athens the technical representatives of the international creditors of Greece.

The Greeks are resigned in the face of difficulties, after 5 years of recession and austerity, difficult times that will not be solved with one more round of talks.

"As you know, we are the technical staff to support the negotiating team. We are monitoring the developments and we will provide the information we request for the process run by the best ".

In this first stage of negotiations, the technicians will collect data about the State of public finances.

"The people in the referendum voted no, because of poverty and hunger. They did not vote for any other reason. Unfortunately politicians transform everything. They took a no and turned it on.

"The situation in Greece is that there is no person capable of governing. If you look at the past with the previous rulers in power, the situation would be the same. There is no man to take the helm of the country.

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