quarta-feira, 15 de julho de 2015

Greece: Greeks are classified as "catastrophic"

The agreement reached by Alexis Tsipras, in Brussels, was not well received by supporters of Syriza, which ended up burning the flag of the far-left party.

The European Union decided to make a new loan to Greece, for three years, through the application of stringent austerity measures as the increase in VAT, pension reform or labour legislation.

For this is an agreement that "Athenian" catastrophic "but claims that I expected it because it says that Greece" in the euro zone, could not get anywhere. They are bandits, killers and there was no way. "

The Greek Minister of defence defended Alexis Tsipras, stating that the Prime Minister faced a real coup. "Yesterday, the Prime Minister faced a coup d ' état, led by Germany and other countries such as the Netherlands, Finland and the Baltic countries. A scam that went so far as to blackmail the Prime Minister of Greece with the collapse of the banks and with a total loss of deposits, "said Panos Kammenos.

The European partners want the measures agreed in Brussels to be approved in Parliament by Wednesday.

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