sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2015

Immigration: police backup does not guarantee light at the end of the eurotunnel

More than a hundred migrants of African origin have returned to try and introduce yourself in the channel tunnel, tonight, after France announced the increased security at the facility.

Approximately of 120 French police were mobilized to contain the wave of illegals that for several days trying to break into the tunnel, affecting traffic.

Since June that nine immigrants died while trying to reach the United Kingdom when there are daily between 100 (second defense of immigrants ' associations) and 2,000 (according to the company eurotunnel) intrusion attempts.

The latest victim, of Sudanese origin, died Wednesday after being hit by a car while trying to climb into a truck.

An Afghan refugee acknowledges, "we run the risk of dying every day. I ask the international community, especially the United Kingdom to accept or reject these people ".

An Egyptian young man is hospitalized in serious condition after being electrocuted in a Paris station while trying to hide in a eurostar train bound for London.

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