terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2015

Iranian nuclear agreement may fail deadline

The negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program could again be extended beyond the deadline Tuesday.

The hours of the expiry of the new deadline for an agreement, the last-minute discussions in Vienna coincide with a further visit of leaders of the International Atomic Energy Agency to Tehran.

The inspectors are still trying to establish whether Iran tried to build an atomic bomb, one of the main points of locking in the Vienna discussions.

To the spokesman for the u.s. State Department, Alan Eyre:

"All parties agree on the need for a good deal, but without need to hurl him. Our priority is to try to get a deal before Tuesday. And if we can't we will have to postpone the decision. All the possibilities, including the ' extension of the deadline for the negotiations remain open. If all the necessary decisions are taken we have no reason to fail, because a deal is possible. "

According to Iranian sources, the issue of the lifting of sanctions on Iran, in Exchange for the end of the nuclear program, could be almost completed.

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