quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2015

UN: 800 million people live on less than 1.25 dollars a day

Reduce extreme poverty and hunger is the first of the Millennium development goals, established by the UN in 2000.

In 1990, about 1900 million people around the world living on less than 1.25 dollars a day.

Despite the success of the measures adopted the organization believes that there is still a long way to go.

"Progress has not yet reached all. Many people left behind (...). Many women and children continue to die during pregnancy or due to complications related to childbirth. Many people do not have adequate sanitation facilities, especially in rural areas, "the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon.

The United Nations report indicated that the number of deaths around the world, children under five years has fallen by half since 1990, however, about 16 thousand children continue to die every day due to causes that can be prevented.

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