quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2015

Reactions to Greek crisis

"The country must be as before. There was order in our lives. What else is there to say? The situation is very difficult and destroyed the future of our children. This is what I think, "said a resident of Athens.

Many Germans are tired of hearing about the Greek debt problems and wonder why they should be paying for the mistakes of previous Greek Governments.

"As a citizen it bothers me that we continue to send money to there, that we will probably never see, while Greece sees no need to do something about it. It annoys me, "protested a German from Munich.

In Italy some people express concern that the Greek crisis has repercussions in other Mediterranean countries and create tension between the South and the North of the continent.

"The Greek debt also affects us. We have to help them with money. If they can't pay the debt, we will also have problems. What is certain is that things are not in a good way. None of the Mediterranean countries are on the right path, "stressed a Roman way to work.

As for Spanish, seem divided on what Europe needs to do to resolve the Greek crisis.

"If you don't make it easy for the Greeks, they cannot pay. When you have a mortgage and can't pay, won't pay. Or make payment, or you can't afford. Who loses and who lends borrows, "said an inhabitant of Madrid.

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