quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2015

Reconstruction of Gaza stagnant for a year

Israel launched operation Protective Margin in Gaza after the abduction and murder of three Israelis and a Palestinian. According to the official data of the UN, 2,262 Palestinians were killed in Israel's Army offensive that attacked by air, sea and land. Among the dead were children and women 305 551.

Hamas struck mortally 73 Israelis, among which and 67 soldiers in this conflict, which lasted nearly two months,

A year later, nothing is settled and remain the problems that caused the offensive. The donors ' Conference of donors, in cairo, in 2014, promised 4.9 billion euros to Gaza but the money reaches the eyedropper. The shortage of funds and prevent Israel blocking entry of reconstruction materials.

The almost two million people limited to 362 km2 are in an alarming situation, according to the complaint of several humanitarian associations: 90% of the population has no drinking water, 73% live with food insecurity and the unemployment rate is 40%, the highest in the world. 60% of young people are dempregados.

Politically, you can't expect reconciliation because of the lack of understanding between Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, and the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas; Thus, the Palestinian Commission established to oversee the reconstruction moves forward with any project. Turbulent waters that Hamas tries to seize,

-The true conclusion, a year after the war in Gaza, it's a difficult territory, like Hamas, which makes the international parties concerned to maintain the truce, which convinces us that the specter of war is far away.

The rise in strength of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, which threatens to topple the Hamas regime in Gaza, further complicates the whole equation.

The UN ensures that, without political and humanitarian action, the images of war are going to repeat itself year after year.

Enquantio there is total freedom of movement for civilians, there is no possible solutions.

The measures taken to ease the blockade are far short of the necessary changes.

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