quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2015

United Kingdom: homage to victims of the terrorist attacks in London

The United Kingdom points out this Tuesday, the 10th anniversary of the suicide bombings on the public transport network of the British capital, who made 52 fatalities.

In Hyde Park, next to the Memorial, members of royalty, world leaders, survivors and relatives of the victims paid homage to those who perished.

Ten years later, the terrorist threat is still present. According to British media, since the attacks of 2005 until November 2013, 34 plans of attacks were discovered and dismantled.

Miriam Hyman was one of the victims of the explosion that destroyed the bus

"When did the blasts on the subway and on a bus thought of when it would stop. Little did I know that my sister was on that bus, "said Esther Hyman.

The coordinated attacks against three targets on the subway network and a bus in London were carried out by four young British extremists, also injured about seven hundred people.

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