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Afghanistan: Kabul Blast causes at least 14 dead

A spokesman for the NATO mission in Afghanistan, the American Colonel Brian Tribus, is quoted by Spanish agency EFE as saying that "a civil subcontractor was killed in attack and the other two died later due to injuries. Several international agencies cite source of Atlantic Aléiança ensuring died 3 subcontractors Americans in this attack.

The reports point to a suicide attack using a car bomb. The target would be a convoy of vehicles in the service of NATO, where foreign officials would follow the company DynaCorp International. The explosion happened around 4:30 pm, next to the Shinozada private hospital, near a residential neighborhood known as Macro Rayan, in 9. precinct of Kabul city.

Kabul suicide bombing.#Afghanistan

The images coming from Kabul reveal the significant damage caused by the explosion. More than a dozen cars were destroyed. A school bus was also hit. More than 66 people have been injured, including 5 women and 5 children.

A curious revelation came from one of the hospitals in the Afghan capital which received victims of this explosion. "We have received 12 dead, including a foreigner whose body was removed from our hospital, past a few minutes, by military personnel of NATO," said Wahidullah Mayar, spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of health.

Saturday's attack has not been claimed, but happens about two weeks after a series of others in Afghanistan claimed by the Taliban and what they did about of 60 dead. The attacks have worsened in Afghanistan since, at the end of last month, confirmed the death of the leader of the Taliban, "mullah Mohammed Omar", and announced the promotion of "mullah" Akhtar Mansour to the leadership of the group. Some media are, however, moving the rebels "jihadists" have denied responsibility in Afghan attack this Saturday..

A school vehicle damaged in Kabul suicide attack and an injured women.#Afghanistan

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