sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2015

Death in straight and AWE in the United States

"It was something that hit us at home."

Below the bemusement, came silence and grief. Dozens of people take turns in spontaneous tributes at the gates of American television for which working journalists shot.

A young resident of Roanoke, Virginia, where it all happened, told us that "nobody expects something like this might happen â€" a shooting in the middle of this community. It was something that hit us at home. Even without knowing Alison personally, we used to see her on tv and she encouraged our morning. "

The former journalist Vester Flanagan considered Alison Parker racist and accused Adam Ward had contributed to his dismissal. Both can be seen seconds before being killed in a terrifying video made by own Flanagan. It is known that his aggressive behavior led him to be away previously from another station in Florida. He always claimed racial discrimination and homophobia, but without effect.

Jeffrey Marks, the President of WDBJ television, reveals that had fired Flanagan in 2013. "Some problems have emerged, we talked to the authorities. In fact, the police escorted him out of the building. But that was two years ago. At the time, all measures have been taken that if judged necessary, "he says.

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