sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2015

Venezuela and Colombia don't agree to reopen the border

Rulers of the two countries met, but failed to agree to the reopening of the border. "We will continue to work to build a more equitable, peaceful border, according to the law, where there are mafias that are a product of violence. We want a border constructed through the effort of the people who live along the border, "said Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Delcy Rodriguez.

Colombia's President visited the deportees in the border town of Cucuta. Juan Manuel Santos has ensured that everyone be receiving support from the authorities.

The former Colombian President joined the protests against the deportations, in Bogota. "It's time for the Government to understand that this is not an attempted genocide, but a genocide that is extended," said Alvaro Uribe, currently Senator of the opposition.

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