terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2015

Emigrants fooled in the BES "attack" new Bank and Banco de Portugal

The protesters focused on Avenida da Liberdade, tried unsuccessfully to force entry into the headquarters of the now named new Bank (former Banco Espírito Santo) and also in at least two branches of the same institution as they came down the Avenue. The Millennium BCP in Restorers was invaded.

Immigrants do not accept proposals of new Bank http://t.co/fXd6AsXGGs pic.twitter.com/EvMUa4hiyQ

Manuel Rocha, one of the emigrants who had invested the money in BES, speaks on the current responsible dishonesty new Bank, and in particular President Stock da Cunha: "between January and March still said that the problem would be solved and I was on the internet we'd be reimbursed with interest. Now, neither the interest nor the capital. You don't do that. This is not serious people. "

A woman, in tears, said he never believed in what was promised: "it's been a year since I believed in them. My husband believed until this year, but it's been a year that I don't believe. "

Hundreds of immigrants and deceived by the BES protest ahead of the new Bank http://t.co/oMgexArQfS pic.twitter.com/XjAuNybIi3

The emigrants, with the bulk of clients harmed in BES, require the full refund of money invested and do not admit any other proposal that does not include this order â€" talk about proposals for repayment spaced in time without interest, the payment with 10 percent forgiveness of debt or other financial products.

BES. Harmed write open letter to potential buyers of the new Bancohttp://t.co/sD38ZNijOp pic.twitter.com/pwDxXJw9qw

In all, there are approximately 2500 new bank customers who have purchased commercial paper of the GES to branches of the BES, totalling 527 million not yet reimbursed. The new Bank is in the process of sale, but on Friday the organized groups of injured clients achieved a small victory when the Administrative Court of Lisbon issued a restraining order filed by AIEPC requiring the Bank of Portugal to inform the eventual buyer of the amount of commercial paper due to customers.

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