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Illegal migration: Bulgaria associates itself to Hungary in combating human trafficking networks

The dramatic journey of thousands of migrants and refugees has a new chapter on the border of Serbia with Hungary: a new dense barbed wire barrier and the Alliance between the Hungarian and Bulgarian authorities in the fight against human trafficking networks within the European Union.

The last few days have been marked by the discovery of trucks carrying dozens of illegal immigrants. On Thursday, one of the trucks was found in Austria, near the border with Hungary, with 71 people killed by asphyxiation within the respective camera towers, including three children and a baby. On Friday, another truck was intercetado in Austrian territory carrying 26 illegal migrants.

Associated with the truck found Thursday, with 71 dead, were arrested in Hungary 3 Bulgarian citizens and an Afghan on suspicion of involvement in a human smuggling operation. On Saturday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria has ensured that the case in question has nothing to do with an alleged human trafficking carried out by Bulgaria.

Case with Truck with Dead Migrants in Austria Has No Connection with Trafficking via Bulgaria - Foreign Minister

"The people-smuggling networks have become very large and developed their own logistics. This has become a horrid lucrative business. The nationality here, it makes no difference and that is why the European Union should exacerbate the measures and sanctions against these criminal groups, "said the Minister Daniel Mitov, through Bulgarian television Nova TV, accusing the border countries of the territories controlled by the Group Islamic State not to take sufficient measures against terrorist organizations.

Mitov added that heavier measures against human trafficking are being discussed in Bulgaria, including imprisonment and seizure of properties to public officials who have been accomplices of these networks.

The migrants who make it to Hungary are, however, led to a field at Röszke, near the border with Serbia, to be identified and receive documents allowing them to move on. Many do not meet the criteria to be considered refugees, trying to escape and move clandestinely. Some, yielding the transport through networks of smuggling in proliferation in the region, at the cost of the desperation of these people on the run.

Passing the border, the next stop is Budapest, where migrants and refugees are waiting to catch a train bound for Germany. Hundreds are to focus, for example, to the Keleti station, demanding access to trains.

To limit the growing "invasion" of migrants, the Hungary announced on Saturday finished the construction on the border with Serbia, a dense barrier of barbed wire, which provoked a negative reaction from the Serbian authorities.

Thousands of people continue to arrive every day to Macedonia, via Greece. Are migrants and refugees from the Middle East, North Africa or South Asia. Of Macedonia, migrants to Serbia and then to Hungary. The dream of these people is to get to Northern Europe, especially to Germany, Austria or Sweden â€" see below the map of the Schengen space, free movement of people and goods.

The Hungarian television, however, made it known that it will not show on their issue the faces of children among the migrants are crossing the country. The station did not explain the reasons, but some are suggesting be an attempt not to create empathy among citizens and migrants in transit.

Two Bulgarians were arrested Friday in the region to Komotini, in Greece, on charges of aiding illegal immigration. The tourists will have given a lift to people who turned out to be illegal migrants in transit and now risk a prison term which, in Greece, is at least 2 years.

Other 3 Bulgarians were arrested in the region of Xanthi also for alleged smuggling of migrants. Drove three cars and, in total, transporting 16 illegal migrants. The three Bulgarians were arrested after they tried to flee a police contrlo on the road between Komotini and Xanthi.

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