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President of Yemen accuses Iran of being expanding in the Arab world

"The Iranian expansion has arrived to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. When the houthis ' entered in Sana'a [Yemen's capital], they said had occupied four capitals of the Arab world, "said Mansour Hadi, in a press conference alongside Omar Al-Bashir, the Sudanese President.

#Yemen President #AbdRabbu_Mansour Hadi, arrives n #Alkhartoom_airport #President_Albasheer received him @the airport

The Yemeni leader assured, still, that the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, who entered the conflict in March, is able to repel the rebels "houthis". The coalition brings together a number of Arab countries allegedly concerned about a possible Iranian reinforcement in the Arabian Peninsula, which aims to give power in Yemen, a country with a Sunni majority, the Mansour Hadi.

Air raids of the coalition led by the Saudis are continuing against rebel positions in various regions of Yemen. This Sunday, in the province of Hajjaf, there were reports the death of 36 workers in the wake of the bombing the factory.

The Alliance led by Saudis entered the conflict in Yemen in March, fighting the rebels "houthis" and trying to predict a claiming Iranian expansion in the region.

The human carnage of Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen oped by @DRovera for @ForeignPolicy

Amnesty International can aggravate the tragedy among civilians in Yemen, and points the finger to the coalition led by the Saudis, which uses American weapons, and suggests to be a war crime, to the extent that all the warring parties have persistently flouted international law.

In Taiz, the Red Cross denounced the worsening of the situation after the raídes made Friday about the city, in which 65 people have died, mostly civilians, including 10 children. In five months of war in Yemen, already have died more than 4300 people and, according to Unicef (below), more than 1.3 billion were forced to flee their homes.

#Yemen: More than 1.3m people have been forced to flee their homes #YemenChildren

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