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Macedonia open borders and are already 6000 migrants in Serbia on its way to Hungary

Macedonia surrendered to waves of thousands of illegal migrants from the Middle East from North Africa, which continue to arrive by Greece, and decided to open the borders on Saturday night. Without the means to continue to resist the control of the border, the Executive of Skopje turned out to allow illegal immigrants hit town of Gevgelija-, where migrants can take a train to Serbia and then continue journey towards the heart of the desired Schengen space.

A migrant, which waits for the train in Gevgelija-and seems to be expressed in Arabic, Kurdish question if you're scared. "I'm! I've lost my brother and my husband. I only have my four daughters. We've come this far, but we're not dealing well with it. We've been here for two days and a week ago that we do not have access to anything. We will die here, "lamented this alleged refugee identified as Rushin.

Thousands of #migrants pass through the Western Balkans each day. Latest photos from #Serbia:

The opening of the Macedonian borders happened after new clashes recorded Saturday morning between the border control forces and migrants. There were clandestine to stick the barbed-wire barriers with babies in their arms.

The Macedonian Interior Ministry revealed, however, have passed between the 8:0 pm on Saturday and the 08:00 of Sunday morning, a total of 1210 certificates to foreign nationals, among them 185 women. Nearly 230 children accompanied certificate holders and more than a dozen entered the country without the company of their parents. The certificate allows you to require legally the right to asylum.

The vast majority of new certificates was handed over to alleged Syrian (1023), but also Iraqis, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi natural received the document. Noting that only the Syrians have been tratadios as refugees from war and there are many migrants from other countries who are freaking out by the Syrians in order to receive the same status.

Stefanovic: 90,000 migrants passed through Serbia since January 1

The fate of migrants who cross the border between Greece and Macedonia is coming to Serbia. But this is just another step in the long and dangerous trip started in the home country. Then, migrants roam to Hungary, the door to the heart of the European Union and the Schengen Area. Most have as destination the more developed countries of Central and Northern Europe.

In the last 24 hours alone #RedCross of FYR #Macedonia helped over 2,150 people on the move #Migration #ProtectHumanity

The entry of migrants in Serbia, however, is to be made mainly through Persevo. The UN Agency for Refugees (UNHCR or UNHCR, on) set up tents 8 joined the border village of Miratovac, in the South of the country, to host, provide food and give shelter to the migrants.

As in Macedonia, the entry and certification of migrants in Serbia is the eyedropper. The reports point to more than 6000 refugees and migrants, just this Sunday, crossing the Serbian territory. The next hurdle of migrants will be the border of Hungary.

Thousands of #refugees trapped at sealed #Macedonia border and at risk of violence

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