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North Korea and South Korea agree to prolong peace talks

After a first round held on Saturday which will have lasted about of 10:0, responsible for the military of North Korea diplomacy, Hwang Pyong so, and the Security Advisor of South Korea, Kim Kwan-jin, agreed to perform this Sunday a second round of talks to try to ease the crisis between the two countries, exacerbated in recent days.

(5th LD) Koreas resume high-level talks on easing tensions

For this resume negotiations, the South Korean News Agency Yonhap advances that will be sitting at the table also both responsible for diplomatic relations between the two Koreas, Hong Yong-po, Seoul, and Kim Yang-gon, Pyongyang.

The peace summit is taking place in the small border village of Panmunjom and iconic, where 62 years ago was signed the cease-fire of the war of the Koreas. The locality is located in the demilitarized zone, a strip of security that protects the territorial limit of both Koreas.

Not far from the border, in Seoul, the capital of sulcoreana, a young man of 22 years expects only that everything is resolved. "I know it won't be easy, but I hope the negotiations end up well so that our citizens can be safe without any problem. People say they can take a long time, but I hope this impasse end quickly and without problems, "said Kim Yu-rim.

#DPRK, ROK are still conducting high-level contact in #Panmunjom. Situation remains tight.

From the north side of the border, the information does not abound on the State of mind of the people against this impasse. The reports we received from Pyongyang, the capital nortecoreana, appear to be mere propaganda maneuver and until the young man who talks like a machine with a single idea. "With the great war for unification on the horizon, we, the young people, we hope to eradicate the peninsula of bandits and sulcoreanos," said, mechanically, Kim Un Kyong.

Recent exchanges of propaganda sound emissions from side to side of the border have been on the basis of the recent worsening of the historic friction between the Koreas. The fear of an attack from the North against the South increased after the leader Kim Jong-un had allegedly ordered the mobilization of more than 50 war submarines.

(LEAD) 50 N. Korean submarines away from base

South Korea, however, did anticipate the return of 16 F-16 fighters, who were displaced in Alaska to conduct military exercises.

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