sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015

MH370 flight: France offers more resources in the search for wreckage of the plane

The France announced it will make available more resources in air and Sea Island meeting to expand the search area of the plane wreckage from Malaysia Airlines that the flight was MH370 missing for 17 months.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia confirmed that the wreck found a week ago, on that island of the Indian Ocean, belong to the plane, flight MH370, but some victims ' families have claimed since the confirmation of the fall of the appliance is not enough.

"The Malaysia said make sure the debris are the plane, flight MH370, but France never mentioned certainties. We demand the Government of Malaysia to give us explanations on this, "said the wife of one of the passengers on the plane.

"I want to know what happened to the plane, flight MH370. I want the Government to introduce a reliable, adequate and convincing argument, because it's been more than 500 days, "complained the mother of another passenger.

More cautious, the French authorities stated that there is a "high probability" the wreck belong to the plane, flight MH370.

Relatives of the passengers and crew of 239 Boeing of Malaysia Airlines disappeared demonstrated in front of the Embassy of Malaysia in Beijing.

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