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Migration: Walk towards a better life

For the second time in two days, the ship docks in Piraeus Venizelos, near Athens, Greece.

The ship, originating from the island of Lesbos, brings aboard two thousands of migrants, mostly Syrians and Afghans.

After fleeing the war, having crossed deserts and the Mediterranean Sea, these refugees denounce that aid are scarce.

The infrastructure of the island were insufficient to accommodate the thousands of immigrants who made their way to their back.

"The people of Mytileni helped us but the Government doesn't. The United Nations or any other organization didn't help us. Just looked and did nothing. Just looked and took photographs, "says Muhammad, a Syrian migrant.

Despite the high cost and duration of the trip, a note from Turkey to the Aegean Islands can cost up to 1500 euros per person, these undocumented migrants give up seeking a better life.

Maria Galinou, of the Salvation Army, States that "Arrive frightened and exhausted and the first thing I want to tell them where to go. They hold a piece of paper and run from side to side. "

Close to Piraeus, immigrants do not stop and continue the trip.

In Athens embark on a train heading north from Greece. There they hope to cross the border of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to continue towards other countries of the European Union.

An Afghan account that he had to leave the country because there were only three choices of life: join the Taliban, the army or be a farmer like his father.

"The situation was not good for study so now we're going to Europe, to Sweden, to have a good education and make a better life for me and my family," says Ahmad.

Athens turns out to be more a stopover on a trip that began in days, weeks or months, towards a country which will provide better living conditions for these people.

Despite the difficulties, hope persists.

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