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U.s. President escalates action against global warming

The second largest emitter of gases responsible for global warming now wants to make up for lost time. Barack Obama unveiled this weekend, a new goal more responsible and fair than in 2005, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions and encourage the production of ' clean energy '.

All countries-particularly developed nations, like the United States and emerging economies, such as Brazil and China â€" need to reduce CO2 emissions to prevent global warming of more than 2° C by the end of the century. But this goal is far from solving the problem.

Obama calls his clean power plan “the biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change”: http://t.co/ekpIl0lP8i

In the final version of his plan, Obama fixed goals more ambitious than in the initial release of June 2014.

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Wishes to reduce 32% of greenhouse gas emissions in the electricity sector, in relation to the level of 2005 â€" the first version predicted a low of 30%.

If the plan, this time, is put into action, the American production of coal in electricity should come down to 39% and, until 2030, 27%, as confirmed in charge of the environmental protection agency (EPA), Gina McCarthy.

The other major purpose is to encourage renewables, such as wind and photovoltaic, to produce 28% of the energy required to 2030.

But for Obama the battle will be tough: must face the opposition of Congress, controlled by Republicans, that shake the banner of increased electricity prices. The coal industry also are determined to challenge the project in court.

BREAKING: On Monday, POTUS will release his <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/CleanPowerPlan?src=hash">#CleanPowerPlan</a>â€"the biggest step we've ever taken to <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/ActOnClimate?src=hash">#ActOnClimate</a>. <a href="https://t.co/BU1PF0wjUK">https://t.co/BU1PF0wjUK</a><p>â€" The White House (WhiteHouse) 2 agosto 2015

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